Why do I have Bad Breath?

Why do I have Bad Breath?

Posted by Dr. Ashton Richards on Feb 8 2021, 02:20 PM

EVERYONE has experienced bad breath at some point in their life, and most people experience it OFTEN.

Here are a few reasons for bad breath.

1. Dry Mouth

Bad breath from dry mouth is what most consider "Morning Breath." Some people experience chronic dry mouth. Usually from medications or dehydration. Saliva produced in your mouth helps wash away odor-causing bacteria. Dry mouth is normal upon waking, as most people have gone several hours without water and sleep with their mouth open. However, if you are experiencing dry mouth (and in turn, bad breath), here are a few things to try: Staying hydrated and sipping on water throughout the day, chewing sugar-free gum, sucking on sugar-free candy, and/or using a mouthwash designed from dry mouth such as Biotene.

2. Plaque on your teeth

If you are not brushing and flossing properly, food particles remain on your teeth (stuck in crevices and along your gumline). Bacteria in your mouth will break down these particles releasing acid that cause bad breath and cavities. If poor oral hygiene and improper cleaning profess too far, periodontal disease develops. This affects the gums and causes infection and pockets below the teeth. These pockets house bacteria and causes persistent bad breath.

3. Bacteria on your tongue

As mentioned above, the mouth is home to bacteria. Not all bacteria are bad. However, if the bacteria overpopulates and is not cleaned off properly, it leads to bad breath. Remembering to brush your tongue will help reduce bad breath.

4. Garlic, Onions, and other strong foods

Potent foods and spices are a common cause of bad breath. If you eat these foods regularly, give yourself a break and see if you notice a difference in your breath.

5. Health Conditions

GERD/Digestive Issues: Those with acid reflux and digestive issues may have bad breath due to stomach acids. It could be time to see you coming back up the esophagus and releasing odors. It could be time to talk to your doctor bout acid reflux.

Diabetes: If you have diabetes that is not controlled well, you end up with what some consider a "fruity" breath. This may indicate that it's time to see your dentist or physician to check for diabetes.

6. Tobacco Products

7. Medications

There are several common medications that cause dry mouth. Staying hydrated, chewing on sugar-free gum or sugar-free candies, and using a mouth rinse designed for dry mouth may help combat.

If you've experienced prolonged bad breath and none of the above suggestions have worked, it's time to get into your dentist to identify any underlying conditions! Bad breath could be the sign of something more serious, and getting proper treatment will prevent any condition from getting worse.

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